Hand on heart: IT projects are highly complex. That’s why for us, project management is at least as important as the technical implementation.

Managing all processes and participants, while keeping a cool head, requires a certain degree of experience. Take a back seat and leave it to us.

We will gladly take over the operational side of management for you. Experience Project Management as a Service now, for a fixed price.

„SIRIUS makes project management look easy. Its team can juggle processes, participants, applications, technologies, and partner companies perfectly. For us, it’s one less thing to worry about. It doesn’t get more convenient.“

IT Project Management as a Service: Your Comprehensive, Care-Free Service

Good organization is half the battle. We manage your IT project in an orderly fashion with preparation, planning, design, and implementation. Every step is carefully thought out and brings you closer to your goal. This approach has proven itself in numerous projects. In close cooperation with our experts, you will always know where we stand and how things are progressing. Together, we ensure the best quality implementation and bring the project to a successful conclusion quickly.

We work alongside you to define the project goals, evaluate the project in the context of your corporate as well as IT strategy, and jointly define the scope. We also evaluate potential ‘side effects’ of the project on your company.

We plan the entire project in detail, based on your goals and using our proven project management methodology.

Beginning with planning, we develop the target design with you, whether that means developing processes, software, or future-proof organizational structures. Project management services are even available from us at fixed price on request!

We take care of project management for you and lead all participants toward the goal. To achieve that, we use our tried and tested project methodology, which sensibly combines proven waterfall and agile project methods. A designated contact person will keep you continuously informed about the progress. And it goes without saying that we keep you in the loop for important decisions.

We are only satisfied once all your goals are achieved. That’s our principle. Once that’s complete, we would gladly celebrate your success with you.


Experienced Experts

Take advantage of our diverse expertise. From a strategic point of view, this gives you an ideal position in the digital market.

Proven Success

More than 100 successful projects per year prove that our services bring companies forward. And we constantly improve and evolve.

Planable Pricing

We design our services for you in a results-oriented manner, for a fixed price. That means you can plan your budget carefully and avoid surprises.

Flexible Freedom

Take care of your core tasks and we handle the rest. Our experts will take over operational management in your best interests.

Complete Transparency

A dedicated contact person will keep you informed about the progress of the project and involve you in all important decisions.

Visible Security

Our quality management accompanies the entire project. Our management team also monitors progress and is always available to you.


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