Our project method builds on worldwide best practices to bring you quickly and comfortably to your goal.

One of the most important factors in carrying out a successful project is the method. Of course, this should include well-thought out application too! To help us achieve that, we rely on a framework of best practices that we have developed by using various approaches, such as Prince2 and the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) standards. And we continue to improve this framework with experience from every new project.

„SIRIUS enables full planning security. We can rest assured that the job will get done!“

How Do We Approach a Project?

Here is what preparation looks like: First, we evaluate the goals together, bearing in mind your overall IT strategy and business environment. For high-complexity projects, we check whether it makes sense to bring in additional services. Together, we determine how to coordinate tasks. And for planning security, we estimate cost and duration at an early stage with a reference matrix. This results in a fixed price for all project management services.


A Holistic Approach

We examine the project based on your IT strategy, your business environment, and your partners.

A Proven Procedure

Our method is proven to work in small and large IT projects (with 1,000+ FTE).

Up-to-Date Information

SIRIUSacademy seminars, with all colleagues present, form the basis for the project method.

Reliable Project Predictability

Depending on the task at hand, we combine all appropriate expertise and services and offer them for a fixed price.

Complete Transparency

Performance benefits are fixed from the beginning. Success is measured by predefined goals.

Precise Control

We coordinate with all parties and lead projects safely to the goal with managed services.


Focusing on the digital business world: On COPERNICUS, our consultants share their experiences.

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