These tools enable structured collaboration and crystal-clear reporting.

In IT projects, efficient collaboration and good reporting are essential. Our tools do exactly that.
Our customized SharePoint templates – based on our own methodology – provide a foundation for operational and strategic project management. What’s more, we have developed SIRIUSanalyzer, which lets us evaluate all relevant project artifacts, meaning you always have an overview of the project status.

„A successful project requires more than just good people. It also needs good tools. SIRIUSanalyzer means I always have an overview of the project and can intervene immediately.“

Collaboration Platform and Project Analysis

We set up a central collaboration platform using Microsoft’s widely used application SharePoint. The software gathers all tasks and documents into a central location, standardizes processes, and allows everyone involved to work together efficiently. Based on our project experience, our SharePoint templates supplement the platform with predefined filing structures, processes, and all relevant tools, such as risk management and stakeholder management.

In addition, SIRIUSanalyzer provides clear reports, tailored to your specific requirements. In this way, you are always up to date and have all the information you need in order to make informed decisions and remain in the driver’s seat.

Setting up the tools collaboratively at the beginning of the project and adapting them to your requirements is a proven method. But of course, we remain at your side to provide you with advice and support at all times.


Get Started Right Away

Don’t waste valuable time at the beginning of the project setting up collaboration and reporting solutions.

A Place for the Entire Team

The project team works together efficiently and manages all content in one central location.

Reports for Every Decision Maker

Clearly prepared, automated reports ensure transparency at all times.


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