Make the most of the multiple possibilities of digitization for your employees, processes, and technical equipment.

You want your maintenance activities to be as effective as they can be. You also want to achieve this with as little effort and operating materials (including spare parts) as possible. This can only be achieved by rolling out the measures at the right time.

Filter valuable information to optimize your data strategy: ERP, CMMS, SPS, SCADA, MES, AIN. With so much to think about, you need to know which data – from which systems – makes the most sense. Using our systematic approach based on plant risks analysis (FMEA, RCM), we help you with assessment and implementation.

„SIRIUS makes SAP comprehensible.
That is an art form that only few have mastered.“

Satisfied Users, High Plant Availability, and Total Cost Transparency.

Your employees need IT solutions that they can operate quickly and easily, whether in the office, the workshop, or at the plant. This is the only way to ensure the documentation of malfunctions, inspection, and maintenance results – and create a meaningful basis for comprehensive reports on technical and financial aspects. SAP technology forms the basis for this. Plant and business management levels are integrated and provide round-the-clock process and status data for all plants. To ensure that you invest in the right areas and achieve a rapid return on investment, we support your project with our experience, proven methods, and our semantic approach.

As your maintenance partner, we help you overcome the following issues:
• Which data is suitable for improving operation and maintenance?
• How do you turn this data into information and that information into knowledge?
• Which sensors are needed to improve preventive maintenance – and what will they cost?
• Where could bottlenecks occur? And which areas require extra attention?
• Which mobile solution best meets your requirements?
• How should you train maintenance staff?
• To what extent could predictive maintenance provide a benefit?

The SIRIUS Reference Model for Maintenance and Service Processes


Years of Experience from Multiple Industries

Our expertise in a variety of industries sets us apart. Whether automotive, rail, chemical, pharmaceutical, aviation, process, public transport, or the defense industry – you can achieve clear added value with us.

Awareness of Cultural and National Characteristics

It is important to be mindful of the country in which we are working at any given time – in terms of maturity, structure, and asset management. We bring the necessary knowledge to the project.

Extensive Knowledge of SAP Maintenance Solutions

Benefit from our extensive knowledge of the SAP world. We know what is important in an implementation and help you achieve high user acceptance quickly and for the long term.

Example: target/actual comparison; maturity of maintenance and IT use


Goals and the Processes to Achieve Them

Set the right goals for your maintenance, improve your processes, and implement modern methods.

Digitization and IT Solutions

Roll out an ideal digital maintenance strategy for your company. We support you in defining and implementing it with our proven reference model.

Maintenance with SAP

On the shop floor or in plant management, we create transparent processes and leverage meaningful data for your company.

Maintenance Optimization

We bring your plant into top form in terms of function, technology, and quality – at the lowest possible lifecycle cost.