With a focus on the SAP world, we assess and implement IT solutions for the management of your facilities. Rely on industry experience, technological expertise, and our power to innovate.

There is no way around digitization. What opportunities do the accompanying new technologies offer for your operation and maintenance activities? Which technical solutions make sense? In what order should you integrate them into your IT landscape? The answers, just like the appropriate solutions, vary from one company to another. Using a proven reference model, we evaluate your opportunities based on your goals. We are clear, pragmatic, and always focused on providing tangible benefits for you.


We Operate Independently from Manufacturers

SIRIUS does not receive sales commissions from any software providers. Our independence ensures that we evaluate IT solutions based purely on their merits.

We Live and Breathe Integration

More than 20 years of SAP experience in the fields of logistics and IT service management have taught us how important semantic and process integration is – in both small and large companies.

Agile On-Site Programming

Offshore programming requires very detailed specifications. Coordination is often difficult. That is why we dispatch our software developers to your location. We understand your processes and speak your language.

Here’s how we help you

We use a systematic approach to identify and utilize your potential for digitization.

You gain new knowledge by analyzing sensor data and generating information from SAP systems. From this, you can derive valuable insights and put them into action.

Find a software that covers your requirements in the best possible way. We help you – independently and solution-oriented.

It’s easy to complicate an SAP project. Simplifying one, on the other hand, is difficult – especially if it involves SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA. We support you with extensive project, process, and industry knowledge.


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