When are maintenance practices truly optimized?

When a plant operates in top functional, technical, and qualitative form at the lowest possible lifecycle cost. This can only be achieved with a solid database. Because the only way to spot potential malfunctions, predict breakdown costs, and find out how long you have to wait for spares or assistance is with the right information on hand. That knowledge puts you in a position to make informed decisions at any time.


A Systematic Approach

Optimizing your maintenance in an effective manner requires many employees to participate and provide information. We help you coordinate and make sure everyone is on the same page.

Effective Moderation

We moderate open, goal-oriented meetings in a friendly atmosphere, where everyone is happy to contribute with relevant questions.

A Proven Approach

We apply proven methods based on scale with passion and creativity.

Here’s how we help you

Which figures do you need for maintenance? How do you obtain them? How high is data quality and how can it be improved?

Based on your master data, can you generate the information you need in order to optimize maintenance? What is missing and what does the optimal master data structure look like? Which systems should be harmonized?

Which strategy is suitable for a particular system? Run to failure, predictive maintenance, or time/performance-based measures?

Even the most effective maintenance strategies and IT solutions are useless if your employees do not have control over how they are carried out. We determine training requirements, develop concepts for courses, and deliver them at your premises, on your system, using your data.


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