For a long time, IT maintenance has been about much more than using master data, planning downtime, and evaluating systems. Nowadays you need to incorporate contemporary concepts into SAP solutions.

Through the use of sensors, industrial plants provide extensive data relating to things such as operating temperatures, vibration, energy consumption, and performance. Those who can correctly evaluate this information can, among other things, predict when and to what extent maintenance runs are necessary. The Internet of Things and digital twins support a horizontal integration of IT systems, enabling remote maintenance analysis for manufacturers and service providers.


We Have the Optimal SAP Solution for Your Technical Facilities

Work with us to improve operational maintenance processes, integrate external service providers effectively, and automate cloud data exchange with manufacturers.

We Understand Technologies, Processes, and Your Daily Business

Tell us your daily concerns and benefit from our knowledge of digitization, Industry 4.0, and SAP solutions. Our teams implement the right tools, at the right time.

We are at Home in the SAP World – and Always in the Loop

Hybrid, cloud, or on premise: We enable all-round digitization and integration from shop floor to top floor. We have the expertise and experience needed to connect traditional and new SAP solutions with the physical and IoT worlds.

Here’s how we help you

What benefits does SAP Work Clearance Management bring? Is SAP Asset Intelligence Network worthwhile for you? What about SAP Predictive Maintenance and Service? Which mobile solution best meets your requirements? Could Asset Strategy and Performance Management (ASPM) play a role? We provide expert support throughout the entire process.

We have based our standardized process model on the findings of many projects in various industries. This forms the basis for how we work with you to develop your individual concept and jointly agree on project methodology.

Agile projects require direct communication and clear feedback. That’s why your team communicates face-to-face with our consultants and developers – directly, without anything getting lost in translation. We design, discuss, and implement according to your requirements and incorporate your feedback along the way.


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