Whether you seek GDPR compliance, a smooth transition to S/4HANA, data migration, or mass data changes: When it comes to master data in maintenance, SAP Master Data Governance is always the first choice.

SAP Master Data Governance for Enterprise Asset Management application gives youconsolidated, company-wide ownership of all master data. You automatically meet legal requirements and lay the foundation for the next steps in digitization, whether that means utilizing predictive maintenance or migrating to SAP S/HANA. We support you with over 30 years of experience in SAP maintenance solutions. Place your trust in our holistic process consulting and implementation support.


Make Light(er) Work of SAP S/4HANA Migration

The migration of master data to – and the processes in – SAP S/4HANA are much easier with SAP Master Data Governance for EAM, thanks to preconfigured data structures, industry templates, and best practices.

Mass Data Changes Made Easy

Pre-packaged tools in SAP Master Data Governance help you plan, approve, and implement mass changes.

Ensure Compliance with Legal Requirements

Depending on the industry, changes to maintenance master data are subject to documentation requirements. SAP Master Data Governance for EAM helps you acheive this easily.

Introduce Predictive Maintenance

We are your one-stop shop for predictive maintenance. In addition to the introduction of the tools, we work with you to optimize the processes and foundations which help you achieve your main goal: increasing availability. With clean master data, this is no problem.


What are the benefits of SAP Master Data Governance? How can you use it to advance your SAP S/4HANA migration or leverage predictive maintenance? Together, we will answer your questions.

Numerous successful projects from various industries have taught us what really matters when it comes to master data in maintenance. Take advantage of our proven approach.

Clear communication and regular feedback loops guarantee a project’s success. That’s why our consultants and developers are always in direct contact with your team.


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