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But sales as such has been in a state of flux for years, and in many respects.

Specifically: buyers are becoming younger and more digital; and so sales and marketing funnels are also being increasingly adapted to digital customer expectations.

Customers and buyers are coming into sales conversations increasingly prepared, and according to a LinkedIn study, as many as 43% of buyers would like to see a completely “repfree” buying process by 2020. In other words, a buying option without a human salesperson. And the trend is rising.

CRM Strategy & Implementation

Without optimized CRM, things won’t work. Our experienced experts help you to merge marketing and sales into a functioning unit.

Digital Sales Strategy

Successfully convert prospects into customers and benefit from the experience of our digital sales experts.

LinkedIn Digital Sales Boost

Reach your target group – straightforwardly and directly. Our experts show you how to successfully integrate LinkedIn into your sales strategy.

In addition, the interaction of marketing & sales plays an increasingly important role, as many of the marketing & sales automation tools overlap. The task for companies here is quite clear: break down silos, strengthen digital competencies and jointly win customers across departments.

And by the way, this does not mean that the time of the silverback salesperson is over. On the contrary, humans and machines must interact here and learn from each other in equal measure.

CRM processes, for example, must match the sales process and the operation of the CRM should ideally be playfully simple, thus ensuring high data quality. After all, you want to know how reliable your sales pipeline really is and what potential can still be leveraged by your sales team.

Digital sales also means discovering new digital sales opportunities. Depending on the business model and the focus on B2B or B2C, new leads & accounts can be identified, promoted and converted into customers worldwide and for almost any industry.

Florian Wachter

Florian Wachter Senior Consultant / Portfolio Lead Digital Sales & Customer Centricity