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Everyone has certainly taken part in a design thinking workshop and felt the euphoria of being able to apply all these methods and techniques for days afterwards. However, what is learned and thus the added value often fizzles out in daily business.

Classic design thinking has its strengths – starting with the mindset, curiosity, interdisciplinary teams, creative freedom and fault-tolerant culture. You can already tell – this doesn’t fit with much of the working world experienced in companies. And so it’s not surprising that a bland aftertaste often lingers after Design Thinking workshops, because the methods and creative techniques in flexible and free spaces can never be implemented in everyday business, and innovations rarely start on a greenfield site.

Therefore, pure design thinking, which simply requires certain prerequisites, is unfortunately no longer sufficient. Actually, customers need a Designing-Re-Thinking – how can I incorporate creative processes, methods and techniques into my everyday life in such a way that Design Thinking fits my own way of working, work situation and company.

We would be happy to develop a transformation roadmap with you to a sustainable Design Thinking affine company – full-blown, in coaching or in moderation.

Have I aroused your interest? Then contact me directly – we will find a solution.