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A large proportion of all innovation projects fail – this is confirmed by numerous studies from the fields of business and technology. But what are the reasons? The reasons for failure can be diverse, complex and depend on many other factors, both internal and external.

Identifying and analyzing these factors – whatever they may be – is the focus of our strategy and process assessments. Together with you, employees in the specialist departments and process stakeholders, we examine your innovation management in process walkthroughs. All levels from company analysis, market analysis, process analysis, IT analysis to marketing strategy are taken into account in the openly moderated workshops with the aim of sustainably improving your success in the go-to-market of product and service innovations.

After completion of the assessment, we do not leave you alone with your findings – you can count on our support, for example through Innovation-as-a-Service. Of course, this applies not only to managers but also to your employees, whom we are happy to train in a targeted manner and provide with the best possible training.

Have I aroused your interest? Then contact me directly – we will find a solution.