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For a long time now, it has not been sufficient to focus only on project planning and technical implementation. We are convinced that a successful transformation can only be implemented with the appropriate measures that also take into account the organizational changes and manage them in a controlled manner.

Unfortunately, we nevertheless observe time and again that topics around organizational change and the corresponding management of the same are neglected. There are various reasons for this: The importance of OCM is misjudged, the scope of the necessary activities is underestimated, and the responsible roles are inadequately or incorrectly staffed. It’s done on the side – and then you’re surprised that the project has been technically completed, but no lasting change has taken place. Subsequent projects are then set up to address the shortcomings. This ties up additional resources and requires more staying power. However, most project staff are already out of breath after the initial project. So why not do it right? Let real professionals get to work and save yourself time and money – and spare your nerves.

In order to lead your project to success, we will gladly take over the Organizational Change Management (OCM) in your IT program or project. We analyze the change impact, develop the appropriate strategy, create the corresponding concept, plan the necessary activities, milestones and deliverables and establish appropriate techniques to measure the progress and success of the measures. This also includes appropriate stakeholder management, intensive communication and the implementation of trainings to bring along and empower the employees.

In our approach, we draw on our unique reference model, which incorporates more than 20 years of practical experience and brings with it a large pool of methods, sample documents and templates from completed projects.

Daniel Weber

Daniel Weber Business Unit Manager

Areas of focus: IT Project Management, Communication & Organizational Change Management