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It is crucial to integrate your master data into multiple systems. Interfaces are used to synchronize your master data between different systems. Our team designs, develops and tests these interfaces ensuring they meet your requirements.

A company’s value-creating processes are supported by appropriate IT systems. During integration, all systems that use master data objects and their attributes are identified and documented using a comprehensive system architecture. To keep master data consistent across systems, it must be synchronized via appropriate interfaces. This is intended to avoid redundant manual data maintenance.

We detect gaps in your system architecture and support you in configuring new or adapting old interfaces. When transferring between systems with different data models, master data must be transformed. By means of suitable mapping rules, we ensure that this transformation runs seamlessly. These measures guarantee that the same version of a master data object – the so-called “golden record” – can be used across systems.

If you decide to implement an MDM tool or use an existing system for central data management of master data, we will support you in migrating or cleansing the master data. The preparation of your data is the most important step to ensure a seamless process. This includes not only the assignment of tables and columns between the systems, but also the creation of a set of rules to make the migration or cleansing as automated as possible.

Finally, you get a comprehensive picture of how the master data is used in your system landscape and can assign it to business processes. This enables you to identify and eliminate weak spots. This provides the basis for controlling changes, as their effects can be better assessed from a process and system perspective. Current requirements are met as effectively and efficiently as possible while remaining flexible for future challenges.

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Katja Joachim

Katja Joachim Business Unit Manager

Areas of focus: IT Project Management, Change Management, Process Optimization