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A consistent, enterprise-wide, and coherent master data model is the foundation for managing your master data – strategically and operationally.

We support you in analyzing and optimizing your master data model and accompany you in solving integrative issues. In this process, collaboration with your specialist departments is the most critical success factor.

Our experts analyze your current structures, document them comprehensively and help you resolve inconsistencies. With this result, we create a harmonized data model for your company. Our service covers the following topics:

  • We help you create the metadata required to structure your master data objects. These serve as additional information to optimally structure your master data and make it transparent.
  • We check and determine whether there are any ambiguities regarding the syntax and semantics of the master data attributes. This approach serves to establish a uniform understanding of the usage of an attribute within the company. We ensure that the values for all attributes comply with corporate standards in terms of quality and format. We also ensure that the data is consistent across the enterprise.
  • Define who is allowed to change the value of an attribute and whether this change has to go through a regulated process. This applies to creation, modification, archiving or deletion of master data.
  • We analyze which roles have responsibilities for master data objects within a domain. Changes to the structure of these objects must go through a process that involves these roles.

Our technical expertise supports you in fully modeling your master data, which is derived from the business processes and serves as the basis for efficient and effective system processing. This leads to a better understanding by the users and to an improvement of your processes.

Have we piqued your interest? Our MDM experts look forward to an exchange with you.

Katja Joachim

Katja Joachim Business Unit Manager

Areas of focus: IT Project Management, Change Management, Process Optimization