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With our deep expertise based on years of experience, we work with you to develop the foundation for your customized MDM strategy which leads to your success.

To get things started, we first assess your current situation. This includes an examination of the systems and tools you use to manage your data. By conducting this initial analysis, we work with you to determine which parts of your MDM strategy have potential for optimization.

Our team supports you with your business case for master data management to align MDM activities with it in the long-term. In this way, we ensure that your company’s MDM strategy and implementation is aligned with the company’s overall business strategy. Finally, we design a plan for implementing the changes required to meet your business goals and needs.

We provide you with KPIs and metrics for your master data management and help you creating dashboards to illustrate the benefits in figures and keep track of the success of the implementation. The cost efficiency and return on investment of your MDM activities are monitored and business processes are optimally supported by MDM.

When selecting the right solution for your specific requirements, you will benefit from our expertise and find the right vendor to deliver what you need. It is necessary to perform a detailed analysis of your MDM activities and to work out the costs and benefits of these. This analysis includes the effort and costs for the implementation of the MDM solution, the maintenance and operation of the system and costs related to the training of employees in the use of the system.

You can rely on our intensively trained team of consultants and experience gained from numerous successfully completed projects. We ensure that project goals are met on time and within budget. Therefore, we work closely with you to define the milestones for your MDM project.

Are you interested in our Master Data Strategy services? Then feel free to contact us and take the first step towards optimizing your master data management.

Katja Joachim

Katja Joachim Business Unit Manager

Areas of focus: IT Project Management, Change Management, Process Optimization