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If you want to offer an excellent service, you have to keep track of every single aspect involved. We provide you with holistic consulting which covers IT service management, as well as service acceptance, route planning, logistics, and invoicing.

Which of your IT processes need improvement? What is most important to your specialist customers and colleagues? In which areas do your service staff have to perform too many manual processes? Which processes could be automated? Where are the processes scattered and full of interruptions?

Whether you already know the answers to these questions, or just have a feeling: we can help you one step at a time, by getting to know your company and your on-site situation. We make sensible recommendations for improvement based on countless successful projects.


IT Service Management (ITSM)

Based on your goals, our IT service management specialists will design powerful service processes that fit your business. Of course, optimally integrated into your existing organization.

Demand Management

Improve communication between IT and business to increase customer satisfaction.

Customer Service Management

Work in close cooperation with us to improve your processes for defining, marketing and operating services, and products for end customers regardless of which department is involved.

SAP Solution Manager

Manage and control your SAP landscape as efficiently as possible. We advise your team on how to make full use of the possibilities of the license-free SAP Solution Manager.


In typical IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) processes, more and more companies rely on the power of ServiceNow as a cloud solution. We help you to seamlessly integrate ESM software into your IT landscape.

Process Assessment & Optimization

Get the low down on your IT and service management in no time at all and get clear, actionable recommendations on how to improve tools and processes.

With you at our side, we take the next steps towards digitizing and operationalizing your service management strategy. In that way, you can ensure that each employee can fully utilize their skills instead of wasting time on routine tasks. Whatever your needs are, we take an agile, pragmatic, and goal-oriented approach. We don’t recommend anything you don’t need, and if you wish, we can even accompany you every single step of the way – from the design phase to the eventual implementation of new processes.

Since 2006

We bring years of proven experience in IT and service process optimization to the table.

Marco Gubala

Marco Gubala Business Unit Manager

Areas of focus: SAP Solution Manager, IT Service Management Process Consulting, IT Process Optimization & Organizational Change- und Project Management



We coach you in all areas of service management so that your IT, service, and business departments can work well in tandem.

Reference Models

We have compiled a collection of best practices and standards from our previous projects, which you can benefit from today.

Established Tools

Set up efficient service processes with our help in the most important tools, including SAP S4/HANA, SAP Solution Manager, as well as ServiceNow, Jira, Confluence, and more.


„SIRIUS has managed to optimise and sustainably shape PUMA’s SAP change management processes.“


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