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A decisive factor for the success of the IT organization is not only its technical performance, but also the design of the interfaces between the business and IT, the ability to oversee and channel customer demand.

By introducing demand management in the organization, the dialog between IT and business can be improved, which in turn helps to increase customer satisfaction. This can be explained on the one hand by the fact that the customer is provided with a collaboration partner, the demand manager. The Demand Manager acts as a central interface between IT and business and ensures transparent, comprehensible and effective communication. On the other hand, the Demand Manager can ensure that only qualified requests/demands reach IT, so that their processing is optimized.

By implementing Demand Management with SIRIUS Consulting & Training, customer problems are addressed as they arise and their resolution is initiated immediately.  Awareness of the process steps leading to the fulfillment of a customer request is created and the requirements can be managed accordingly.  In doing so, SIRIUS Consulting & Training supports your organization in introducing and establishing Demand Management on an international or global level. In addition, thanks to the in-depth knowledge and experience of our consultants, we can map the demand process with the appropriate workflows, automations and attributes in Jira or ServiceNow. To maximize your success, we always analyze and take into account the specifics and needs in the company context.

In any company, not only the efficiency but also the resource utilization of the IT organization plays a crucial role in the overall success and progress of the company. For this reason, we would like to point out another core aspect of Demand Management: the possibility of saving resources through it. For this reason, we would like to point out another core aspect of Demand Management: the possibility of saving resources through Demand Management. Through analysis, forecasting and improved planning, Demand Management enables resource savings while improving satisfaction – for both customers and management.

The development of the listed competence sets, the individual process design as well as the introduction of Demand Management and the training of Demand Managers are challenges that we can take on for you and successfully complete thanks to our many years of expertise in this area. We are in close contact with you, cooperations and feedback loops are part of our strategy to improve your processes and our value proposition.

Marco Gubala

Marco Gubala Business Unit Manager

Areas of focus: SAP Solution Manager, IT Service Management Process Consulting, IT Process Optimization & Organizational Change- und Project Management