IT is in increasing demand. But that doesn’t mean service should suffer as a result. How do you manage the balancing act?

There is a simple answer: Your IT Service Management (ITSM) systems and processes need to be tailored to the task. This can be a challenge, given that technical and organizational environments have changed over time. Also, dependencies are difficult to spot, and bottlenecks can slow down procedures.

In a two-day workshop, we examine your ITSM setup with you and, from there, suggest how you can become more effective and efficient.

Best Practice: Our ITSM Reference Model

In an ITSM assessment, we align your existing IT processes with our ITSM reference model. This is a transparent, simple, and goal-oriented method to illustrate the maturity level of your processes and reveal potential for optimization.

Workshops and Results for a Fixed Price

In addition to processes, we examine your ITSM tools and systems to see if any components have weaknesses or inefficiencies. We also take a close look at the master data and data classifications and identify further potential for optimization.

An experienced Senior Consultant leads the two-day workshop with your team – either on your premises or remotely. If necessary, we can also include the services of a SIRIUS System Developer. This allows us to perform more extensive system analyses and provide you with even more information. At the end of the workshop, you receive detailed documentation of the results.

What’s in it for you?

We present key assessment findings and are available to answer any questions you may have.

We then summarize the results of the process analysis and system evaluation in compact, comprehensible documentation.

In addition, you receive a comprehensive assessment report for your records. This includes a quality and maturity assessment of the ITSM process environment and concrete explanations of weaknesses and optimization potential.

You will be advised immediately on an appropriate course of action and receive a strategic roadmap to help you eliminate any uncovered weaknesses and implement optimizations in the most effective way.

„I realized that there was still room for improvement in our service management. Saying that, I could never have imagined the opportunities we would discover together with SIRIUS. Now we know exactly how we can better help our internal customers and make our own lives easier.“
A SIRIUS customer


Reliable Analysis

Experienced ITSM experts precisely analyze your ITSM environment and determine the current status in full. During this process, our experts discover weaknesses that would otherwise remain undetected and provide proven tips for improving systems, processes, and IT organization.

Transparent Optimization

These assessment results are an ideal starting point for a subsequent optimization project. Priorities and dependencies can be assessed precisely.

Predictable Costs

You learn which next steps make sense and how long the implementation is likely to take. This allows you to draw up a reliable project plan quickly and always keep an eye on costs and scope.


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