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Creating status reporting slides in complex projects not only requires a lot of coordination, but is a real time and productivity killer – we do it with the click of a button.

You know it from practice – a project requires regular progress reports or classic project reporting in order to inform all project members and stakeholders about the progress of the project. Depending on how many project streams you have to take care of or how complex the project is set up, the more effort is required in the project management organization to keep all threads together.

A real administrative overhead is created and it is not uncommon for a consultant to be busy full time with nothing more than coordinating, reconciling and polishing the reporting slides.

However, if the project reporting data is available in a standardized form, such as status updates in a SharePoint list, you can actually save yourself tons of effort.

Once set up correctly, our Excel and PowerPoint add-in, the SIRIUS Reporting Wizard, does the work for you, updating all data sources at the push of a button, creating sophisticated graphics – according to individual customer requirements – and creating complete PowerPoint decks for complex reporting within minutes, which would take a human being several hours to do manually. Here are a few examples of how such reporting has already been implemented for our customers.

Example Reporting

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