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Enterprise architecture requires technical expertise, strategic vision and the ability to implement change.

We have extensive experience in the various aspects of enterprise architecture from past projects. This is a cross-cutting topic, but it can only be successfully implemented if the sub-aspects – one could say sub-disciplines – are managed with sufficient ‘depth’ and practical experience. It is important to find the right mix of technical understanding, strategic vision and communication skills. We believe that we succeed in this in almost all cases. You can find out more about this in our blog post.

We are principle-driven and vendor-neutral, which is why we do not discuss individual products or standards here – with one exception: we believe that diagrams are a central and important tool that can be used to support stakeholder dialogue. One notation in particular stands out here: Archimate.

In contrast to UML, which is particularly suitable for application architecture, the Archimate notation offers the possibility of mapping different perspectives, layers and levels of detail that make a common dialogue and a clear understanding easy.

Archimate thus provides an effective way out of the world of ‘lines and rectangles’ diagrams – and towards a shared and accurate understanding that ideally extends from the boardroom to the technical realisation.

Are you looking for pragmatic support in creating a solid basic architecture that manages to adapt over time without losing its essential structure? Or do you want to put your ideas to the test together? Contact us today at SIRIUS Consulting & Training GmbH to find out more about your options in the field of Enterprise Architecture Management!

Marco Gubala

Marco Gubala Business Unit Manager

Areas of focus: SAP Solution Manager, IT Service Management Process Consulting, IT Process Optimization & Organizational Change- und Project Management