We advise and accompany you every step of the way in IT service and project management, IT strategy consulting, maintenance, and customer service – all with a focus on SAP.


Sirius is the name of the brightest star in the night sky. It is a focal point, which orients even the most experienced navigators. As consultants, we have aligned this guiding principle with how we operate. We light the way toward IT infrastructure that will continue to solve problems for years to come – instead of creating new ones. We examine exactly how your organization and processes are set up and advise on where improvements can be made.

Consequently, we work closely with your team; always in a fair, open, and forthright manner. We raise our hand early when things get critical, help each other in every situation, and we only make promises we can keep.


IT-Project Management

We manage your IT project and provide operational support for a fixed price. Our reference model, which we have developed over many years, forms the basis for this.


Together, we analyze your service processes for internal and external customers and advise on how to improve them.


We optimize your maintenance processes with cutting-edge methods – completely tailored to your industrial facility.


„We had been on the lookout for a tailored software solution, which could control our complex IT processes. The sheer volume of offers was overwhelming. SIRIUS came along, and its consultants recognized straight away exactly what we did and didn’t need. After that, everything moved forward very quickly.“
„It’s not often I get to experience such pleasant cooperation that leads to excellent results. That means, from the initial idea through to the go-live of our optimized IT processes in our software. I would use SIRIUS time and time again.“
„Every IT project with SIRIUS is a genuine collaboration. There’s nothing condescending about it. Everyone was highly motivated and navigated obstacles as a team, delivering reliable results.“


What drives us

We do what we do because we have a passion for problem solving. When we see the relief and recognition in the eyes of our customers after a challenging project, we know that we have done a good job.

Humanity and appreciation are central for SIRIUS. We forge cooperation that is respectful and open-minded and create an environment that rewards commitment. That is why we can always rely on each other, even in difficult situations.


With a focus on the digital world, COPERNICUS shares the experiences of our consultants and many other experts.

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