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Project reports are not only relevant for project managers and project members. Different stakeholder groups require reports that are individually tailored to their needs and, at best, can be generated fully automatically from the same data sources. In combination with a communication plan, it is possible to determine in advance at which points in time which stakeholder groups are to be informed with which reports.

When setting up project reports, the ability to integrate them into existing reporting structures is important. It is crucial to be able to communicate the project status consistently at any time and without additional transformation effort in aggregated form to the program or top management. And in the way that is required there.

A single key figure is not sufficient for this purpose. In addition to non-quantifiable information about the current status, key figures from various dimensions are needed to keep a constant eye on the areas of finances, project progress, adherence to schedules and quality of results.

A basic prerequisite for this is a data source from which the various reporting requirements can be covered and which can be kept up to date as easily as possible.

With good project reporting, complex issues can be condensed in a meaningful and understandable way – an important prerequisite for making the right decisions.

For more than 20 years, reporting has been a focus of ours. We configure and administer customized project reporting systems and have extensive experience with the reporting capabilities of common project management tools such as Jira, Confluence and Trello.

In addition, we have developed our Reporting Wizard, a tool that allows us to fully automate your reporting. For your next Steering Committee, a single button click is enough to create a ready-to-use slide set with the current project status. The data for this can be directly integrated into the reporting from various sources using the Reporting Wizard.

Whether project status reports, test progress reports or budget controlling – we have best practice solutions, both for the structures and the structure of the required data sources as well as for the finished reports, which can be adapted highly flexibly and quickly to your individual requirements.

Do not leave your reporting to chance. Take advantage of our experience and stay on top of things. Interested? We look forward to hearing from you!

Daniel Weber

Daniel Weber Business Unit Manager

Areas of focus: IT Project Management, Communication & Organizational Change Management