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Rational design of target processes, improved data quality of business data, and compliance in finance.

Our data management services not only support the reliability of the required information and reports, but also increase the efficiency of program execution and enable transparent communication at all levels and in all directions. We transform your business data into a strategic asset by using advanced analytics and cutting-edge technologies.

Data model pre-assessment: Existing data structures are analyzed in advance to identify potential obstacles to migration. The assessment includes not only the evaluation of data quality, relevance and complexity, but also technical factors, including feasibility checks or the investigation of migration strategies or system dependencies.

Optimization of information lifecycle processes: Analysis and design, for example to provide a basis for implementing and/or further developing the information lifecycle of material master data or improving and/or expanding data governance.

Best practice knowledge MDM: Specialized consulting services combined with common frameworks for managing the material and business partner domain, for classifying and categorizing (master) data or for setting up governance and organizational structures.

End-to-end project delivery: All services in the area of project initiation, e.g. taking into account given service, process, application, system and data architecture, project implementation, e.g. project management, change management, moderation, definition of target architectures and decision templates, design, implementation, testing and enablement, through to project controlling and project completion.

Our data management services provide reliable information, increase program efficiency and promote transparent communication. With our data model pre-assessment, we identify migration obstacles at an early stage. The optimization of information lifecycle processes facilitates implementation. Our best practice knowledge in MDM offers specialized consulting and proven frameworks. Our end-to-end project delivery supports you from the initiation phase through to completion.

Katja Joachim

Katja Joachim Business Unit Manager

Areas of focus: IT Project Management, Change Management, Process Optimization