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They have to work through the Managed System Configuration in Solution Manager after each update to ensure the functional integrity of the connected systems. What if a bot could do that for you?

Experience shows that IT and Basis teams are stretched to the limit. This is a tense situation that is not infrequently further burdened by repetitive standard tasks, which prevent employees from focusing on and devoting themselves to the strategically important tasks.

One of these standard tasks is working through the Managed System Configuration in SAP Solution Manager as soon as it has received an update. Depending on the system landscape, clicking through can add up to several days of effort, although in very few cases does a human actually have to make adjustments.

Other services & solutions

The automation solution from SIRIUS is based on the platform of UiPath and takes over this standard task for you. Should the software robot or simply bot run into an error, this is logged and made available as a report at the end of the run.

The advantage: You only have to deal with the tricky issues, know exactly where to look and save yourself days of working through checklists. If your landscape is carefully maintained, this results in a savings potential of up to 80% of manual rework. By reducing the workload of your employees through the bot, you can therefore schedule updates much more relaxed and regularly, and of course get earlier access to new SAP innovations. More details including demo videos and screenshots of our RPA solution can be found in the UiPath Marketplace.