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In the era of digital transformation, the strategic use of an MDM tool is crucial to the success of your IT landscape.

In our fast-moving and data-driven business world, the modernization of IT architecture is crucial. We focus on the use of innovative MDM technologies to establish a future-oriented and powerful IT structure. This enables your company to react efficiently and agilely to changing data requirements and market conditions.

Our approach integrates automated data processes to increase efficiency and improve responsiveness. By improving data quality and integrity, we ensure that you can make informed decisions and meet regulatory compliance requirements.

This holistic approach forms the basis for a future-proof IT architecture that gives your business a real competitive advantage and enables you to successfully master digital transformation.

MDM tool evaluation: analysis and recommendations for the selection of MDM tools that meet the specific needs of your organization to ensure efficient and scalable data management.

Design and implementation of Stibo STEP and SAP MDG: Advice and support on tool implementation and enhancement, not only in master data management best practices, but also with expertise and experience in specific business areas such as purchasing, logistics, service and finance.

Katja Joachim

Katja Joachim Business Unit Manager

Areas of focus: IT Project Management, Change Management, Process Optimization