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In our service management assessments, we regularly hear the sentence “This has grown historically!” – There are many reasons for this answer, but they are avoidable.

The world of information technology is constantly evolving. The increasing complexity of the IT landscape, rapid technological development and changing business requirements necessitate the continuous adaptation and optimization of IT processes. In this dynamic environment, it is clear that regular assessments of service management processes are essential in order to meet the increasing requirements. 

The well-known ITIL framework is often used to assess IT processes. Small and medium-sized companies often find that it is too complex, too powerful and oversized for their purposes. In these cases, it is also possible to look to the side. FitSM is a more recent framework. It follows a clear method but is leaner and also cheaper, which makes it particularly suitable for small and medium-sized companies. Do you already see yourself here? Then we recommend our blog entry on FitSM.


Which framework is right for you? Let’s find an answer together. In a two-day workshop, we will put your process environment to the test together with you and give you clear recommendations on how you can become more effective and efficient. Contact us today at SIRIUS Consulting & Training GmbH to learn more about our process consulting and optimization services and how we can help you improve your business results.

Marco Gubala

Marco Gubala Business Unit Manager

Areas of focus: SAP Solution Manager, IT Service Management Process Consulting, IT Process Optimization & Organizational Change- und Project Management


Optimize IT Processes

In keeping with digitization, servitization is moving into almost all processes. We help you to become not only more digital, but simply better.

Automate IT Processes

Digitized workflows put an end to manual tasks and increase productivity. Your team members can be deployed more effectively and in a more demanding manner.

Increase Customer and Employee Satisfaction

People are always at the core of everything. Therefore, you benefit from automated, as well as integrated core processes across all systems.