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Complexity and dynamics define our time and are faced with limited resources in the company. Comprehensive applications are introduced under time pressure, which means that the focus is often one-sidedly on the implementation phase. With our experience, we support you in using your resources efficiently so that you have the capacity to distribute the focus across the lifecycle in the right phases – including in the cloud.

Application lifecycle management refers to the process of planning, developing, providing, maintaining, updating and also discontinuing applications. In practice, only the development part of ALM is often considered, while topics such as decommissioning or discontinuation are often neglected. What is your situation? Do you have clear processes for setting up and operating applications, as well as clear structures for decommissioning and shutting them down?

Our team of experts uses proven methods and best practices to ensure that your applications are secure, stable and efficient in your IT processes. Our team will monitor the performance of your applications, identify potential issues early and provide unique rapid solutions to minimize downtime. Our consulting is tool agnostic, however we have many years of experience in certain tools such as SAP Solution Manager, SAP Cloud ALM, Focused Build and Jira Software.

Our goal is to help you maximize the value of your applications while minimizing costs and risks. With our comprehensive approach to application lifecycle management, you can be sure that your applications are always up to date and meet the changing needs of your business.

Our expertise is on hand to support you at every step of the application lifecycle management process. We can help you define your requirements, select the right technologies and tools, develop and implement your applications and provide ongoing maintenance and updates.

Contact us today at SIRIUS Consulting & Training GmbH to learn more about your options with Application Lifecycle Management and how we can help you realize the full value of your application and successfully drive your business forward.

Marco Gubala

Marco Gubala Business Unit Manager

Areas of focus: SAP Solution Manager, IT Service Management Process Consulting, IT Process Optimization & Organizational Change- und Project Management


Incident Management

Easy access to IT support increases the satisfaction and thus the productivity of your employees.

Change- and Release Management

Integrated and automated control of all processes accelerates change management and minimizes risks.

Reporting & Dashboards

All important data is collected in one place, so you have an overview of all changes.

AppOps & BusOps

Manage your business processes and applications easily and conveniently.

A Comprehensive Service

SIRIUS supports your company throughout all project phases:

With our many years of expertise, we help you select the processes and tools you need. We tailor our consultations to the needs of your company and employees.

After selecting suitable processes and tools, we plan the next steps together. Here, too, we are guided by your requirements, always giving clear advice and driving the project forward.

Then our experts will implement the interfaces in your system. You will be surprised how quickly and easily this works. What’s more, daily business can continue as usual

Even after the implementation we continue to respond to your questions and problems. Our team has a handle on the problem and can quickly remove any complications or uncertainties.

Your benefits

Effective Optimization

Process optimization and automation make ITSM more efficient and cost-effective.

Comprehensive Implementation

From consulting and implementation to support, you can rely on our experienced professionals.

Instant Reporting

You always know how the project has progressed and how it will develop.


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