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The naming of a program and those responsible for it is not directly linked to success. Unfortunately, in reality, although we see the will to establish a program management, it fails to consistently implement measures.

Due to the complexity and scope of various IT projects, certain aspects must not be missing from the very beginning in order to maintain an overview. From our experience, we advise and support you in selecting the appropriate measures. This includes the establishment of a Program Management Office (not to be confused with PMO Project Management Office), the determination of the appropriate project structure as well as the definition of interfaces. Don’t be surprised by pushed-back deadlines anymore, but recognize the trend and counteract it early on – with our 20-year reference model. We use this to adapt experiences from past projects to your organization.

In practice, multi-project management is usually confused with other terms such as portfolio management. In reality, the term multi-program management stands for projects of an organizational unit, which take place in parallel. These can also be independent of each other. Apart from the fact that there is no uniform definition worldwide, this environment presents very special challenges and opportunities. Typically, a lack of overview, lack of resources or time, surprising dependencies between projects and the resulting prioritization are the well-known stumbling blocks on the way to the goal. With our expertise you can avoid these unpleasant aspects at an early stage and concentrate on the opportunities of your project. You will notice how the motivation of your employees increases as the goals you are striving for together come closer and closer. Synergies are highlighted and dependencies are identified before they can lead to conflicts.

Let us put together a package for your individual situation that allows you to make the most of the opportunities. We support you actively through well-structured preparation, organization and coordination to achieve your goal. Contact us today!

Daniel Weber

Daniel Weber Business Unit Manager

Areas of focus: IT Project Management, Communication & Organizational Change Management